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TOUCHING THE SKY Art Exhibit - on display at the Library from February 6- February 27

January 31 2024

Touching The Sky:

How can an artwork capture the dynamic experience of space?

What does the smell of rain look like in a painting?

Or our dream experiences in relationship to our waking experiences?

Even in a moment when the landscape appears still, there is tons of activity happening that cannot be captured in a single frame - from the intricate and complex patterns of weather and climate to the buzzing of cellular exchanges on a micro level.

The landscape is alive and fluctuating - and so is our own journey through it.

As we move through the world we experience a wonderful abundance of senses, thoughts, and feelings as our bodies respond to, absorb, and contribute to our surroundings.

For millennia, artist have imaginatively worked to translate these embodied experiences, including phenomena that extend beyond the visual senses like smell, touch, emotion, spirituality, sound, and time.

Balancing between abstract marking and painterly realism.

Touching the Sky features three Peace Region artists whose work is rooted in exploring these embodied experiences and our ability to represent them through art.

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