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Through Those Trees

July 25 2022

Through Those Trees is a solo exhibition by artist Haile Finney. The artist explores genertions of her Metis family's narratives within the Lesser Slave Lake Region where Finney grew up. In her work, Finney develops characters in order to recreate and reimagine happenings within her community and the surrounding land. Her characters link life and death, animate and inanimate to tell and imagine fictional and non-fictional narratives of her and her family's lives.

Hailie Finney is know for her illustrative narratives and development of characters that reflect stories, memories and people in her home community. Her narratives create a unique folklore, developing stories within the mediums of installation, film and performance. In this exhibition, the artist's playful approach to illustration and layering imagery through transparencies creates dimensional, interconnected sagas for the characters. Finney's work reflects narratives familiar to her and the locale in which she grew up but with the use of imagery common in many different regions of rural living. Through this approach, Finney allows the audience to link their own narratives to the work. Through Those Trees explores what and how it means to live, work, grow up in and be connected to a rural landscape in Alberta.

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