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July Update

July 21 2020

Viking Municipal Library

  1. Viking Library will remain closed to the public as we proceed to Stage 3. (No announcement has been made as to when this may be happening).
  2. During the Stage 2 phase we are offering curbside and or delivery services. If you have not yet taken advantage of this service, we would love to hear from you.
  3. This service is presently set for Thursday afternoon between 1-3 p.m. The decision to provide either curbside pickup or delivery is determined on the actual day mostly due to weather and whether Covid-19 safety precautions can be maintained.
  4. How does this work? Patrons may email or phone

780-336-4992 (and leave a message) for books they would like. If unsure of which books are available, please review the Trac catalog. If you are uncertain of what to take out, we would love to help, just phone and ask us to will pick out something for you.

  1. Inter-library loans are still frozen for delivery. We have been told that this will open at the end of July, so you should now be able to put holds on items from other libraries.
  2. We are excited to start this phase of our re-opening while still addressing the safety precautions required throughout the Covid-19 re-launch program.

Following is a list of procedures we will be following:

  1. All returned items will not be touched by staff. They will be placed in a bin provided for this material, which will be sealed when full and quarantined for at least 72 hours. Staff will check in these items the following week, prior to completing orders for the curbside delivery of the current week.
  2. Items for Patrons upon request will be placed into plastic bags & tagged for the patron and given to each patron by staff. At no time will anyone other than staff handle the packaging.    

Note: If you have questions or concerns please contact Barb by email or by phone or text at 780-385-0631.


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