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June 23 2022

Combining the mediums of photography, paint, print, collage and poetry Gabrielle Lussier creates mixed media interpretations of physical and emotional spaces. By taking photos of places where she has cried, or felt overwhelmed by the crushing weight of her mental illness, she is able to take ownership of the moment and reclaim these spaces- allowing her to feel in control. Gabrielle combines these images with gestural marks, loud colours and expressive text to make the space her own, marking her presence, and create a tangible remnant of the moment. The resulting imagery, combined with her poetry, comes together to create an intimate portrayal of day-to-day life of someone struggling with their mental health. Rather than trying to hide these private moments from the public eye, Gabrielle instead takes ownership of her vulnerability and sheds light on moments that are otherwise invisible, unseen, Gabrielle Lussier is an emerging artist and designer in the Edmonton region, originally, from Northern Alberta. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction at the University of Alberta in 2017, and a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication in 2019.

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